Animal Healing

Animal healing can help our much loved four legged furry friends as they too can suffer from emotional imbalances and disorders, which if left untreated will possibly develop and present a negative effect on their physical health, behaviour patterns and quality of life.

Emotions such as stress, grief and if it is a rescue animal and has possibly experienced physical/emotional abuse, trauma. Each animal has it’s individual story, just like us.

Animal healing – help is here

In addition to applying various healing techniques on humans, Britta has also treated and helped many pets/animals, and has proven very successful.

Animal healing – what to do

Simply place a sample of the animals hair in an envelope, including it’s name and date of birth and bring it with you on the day of your appointment.

Britta will then carry out a surrogate treatment, integrating the client as the medium of information.

An individual remedy/supplement will be produced on the day of your appointment and any other needed action or treatment for your pet/animal discussed.

Treatment time approx: 1 hour 10 minutes