I am a born intuitive but my mediumship skills were passed on to me by my grandmother’s passing when I was 24 years old.

Over time this increased more and more. I studied at a College for metaphysics for 1 ½ years and enhanced my skills

I can hear, see and sense Spirit and read Auras. Depending on the energy link it can be one or the other or all three.

When a connection is made the information I receive streams in very fast and can be a variety of symbols words and stories of the past and present.

When working and communicating with Spirit energy it is not always possible to create a clear link.

I see my role as a intuitive purely as providing evidence of the continuation of life and comfort for the person as well as providing guidance and the possibility to heal and find closure in order to move forward in life.

Sometimes the information can be validation from the day to day life and characteristics a loved one expressed and include more superficial information. Other times it can also be very deep and profound.

Animals also connect to their beloved owners.

In addition I may ask you to bring photos and items along to intensify the energy link.

My gift allows me to be part of something very special. For me to be able to unite the physical world and the energy spirit world in one room and communicate the words of Love from one that has crossed over to the loved one still here on the earth plane and bring validation to them, is of profound importance to me, the spirit, and the person seeking guidance.

For me, working with Spirit is proof that when we pass all we leave behind is the vessel our body but our heart connection and love for another lives on forever.

If you seek guidance, support and comfort of your loved one, book your reading today.

A reading is between 45 and 60 minutes


I have had the most amazing results from my reading with Britta, she not only connected with my Grandmother, explaining her perfectly, and cleared up a few things for me about my family, but also connected and explained to me the loss of a friend. It is always so much more than a reading, not just letting you know what you already know but giving you a deeper understanding of your lost loved ones and what is really behind it all. I continue to be impressed with Britta, No one else has ever given me such a clear succinct reading. Her gentle way of communicating is very relaxing and in such beautiful settings it is very soothing and calming. I leave feeling revitalised, as though she has removed several burdens during my time with her. – Libby Stevenson, May 2017

I had never met Britta before and she knew nothing about me. I doubted she could help me. Nothing had before, but I needed to try. I couldn’t really afford it, but it was money well spent. She was right about everything and in things only I would know. She has enabled me to recover from sudden loss, post traumatic shock and grief. To look forward not back and to open my life up and learn happiness. She taught me how to make my life fulfilled and to learn to love myself again. You need to listen because she says a lot in a few words and it takes a few days for it all to be absorbed. I needed to learn from the experience, so wrote everything down afterwards so I didn’t forget anything. I now use those notes as a comfort and guide. She was brilliant. A profound gift that should not be underestimated. – Elizabeth

Britta is absolutely Fantastic. She has given me so much that I now feel connected with my husband in the most wonderful way. Thank you so very much. – Caroline