Written testimonials

Following a colleague of mine detecting some anxiety in me, he recommended Britta, he thought some Energy healing may be of help to me, I must admit I was unsure what he could see but I thought maybe I should give this a try as I have had several close family bereavements in the past few years including my dear Mother recently & I haven’t been feeling myself for some time.

I was Anxious upon my arrival as I had no idea what to expect, but Britta’s natural calm and friendly approach soon put me at ease. Britta detected energy from me and explained what she was detecting, and I was astonished that she read exactly how I was feeling without me actually telling her, she started to do her work around me which included lots of methods, calm spiritual music, sounds, etc and of course her natural skills, I would love to go into more detail, but all I can say is, I don’t know how Britta did it, but all I know is that I walked away feeling lighter, taller, thinner and smiling uncontrollably, I have already booked to meet again and I am taking my 17 year old Autistic son with me as he has already noticed a change in me, and he wants to meet Britta to see if she can help him with his struggles in life, I am so confident he will get what he needs here.

Since my healing session, I have felt more positive than I have ever felt, I am looking at things differently and found myself dealing with things much easier. I am not saying there has been some miracle happened, just that I am looking at things in a different light that is giving me a different and more positive outlook on life, and every day seems to get better and better,

Thank you Britta, and I look forward to meeting you again soon.


Britta is simply amazing.  I cannot recommend her enough.
I have suffered with PTSD for 6 years after going through one of the biggest legal trials.
I have seen everyone from private doctors to counsellors to CBT specialists and nothing worked until I went to see Britta.
I had five sessions with her and I am a completely changed person - actually I am back to the person before I became ill and lost along the way.
I can now enjoy sitting next to my children in their own homes or sitting next to someone on the train or being hugged by a friend -just simple daily things that had been taken away from me.
All I can say is: Britta thank you one billion times over.

The workshops I have attended with Britta have helped me immensely, starting with meditations which has calmed my mind down and allowed me to be mindful of situations and events taking place in my life.

Through working with crystals which you are drawn to you, gave me experiences to view other perspectives. The Tarot cards were intriguing, we were to look at the pictures chosen and to say what you see and feel. With Britta’s instruction I have achieved so much and intend on continuing along this path.
Tania, Frequency Shift Workshop, May 2018

From the moment that you first enter the workshop, a sense of calm and peace allows you to leave behind the worries and stresses of everyday life.

Learning new techniques and strategies in an open, accepting and free-of-judgement environment enables you to better understand yourself, your barriers and, most importantly, how to manage these so that you are enabled to achieve what you both need and want practically, spiritually and emotionally.
Nicole, Frequency Shift Workshop, May 2018

Walk into the austere red brick building to be greeted by a smiling Britta and shown into a room which is striking due to its atmosphere of calm, human warmth and its potential for life enhancing learning.

As relaxing music gently plays in the background, Britta quietly talks the group through a meditation exercise designed to join the energies of the different individuals in the room. She then skilfully combines theory with practice, taking her listeners through different forms of mediation which lead to a deeper understanding of self, of the influence of others on our lives and joint healing exercises.

On leaving the session, one takes away a feeling of profound calmness which carries one through the days ahead. If stresses should occur, the meditation techniques are there to ease a path back to inner peace.

Frequency Shift Workshop, May 2018


I had been suffering from vertigo since 2003 when I was struck over the head with a base ball bat. Around October last year, a friend, who is a GP, gave me Britta’s telephone number with the comment that “conventional medicine does not always have all the answers”. I was advised to go with an open mind. After 2 visits my vertigo had very much improved and after several more sessions it has disappeared.

Britta has an amazing gift; she can re-balance the energy in one’s body and call upon spiritual powers to heal. During one session she connected with my late Mother-in-Law, with whom I was very close and she was able to identify that Mum had had a mastectomy on her left side. Britta had no previous knowledge of this fact and was able to tell me that she is now whole again.

A month ago I introduced to Britta, a friend who for several years has had a chronic and painful foot condition. She sought advice from several Specialists who have been unable to effect a cure. After 2 visits my friend is walking almost normally and is free from pain. If I had not witnessed the “before” and “after” it would have been difficult to believe.

Every time I see Britta, I leave with a feeling of absolute peace. In my opinion she is a very special person on a Divine mission. – Lori, June 2017

A friend recommended Britta to me and I couldn’t be more grateful for such a brilliant recommendation. Britta truly is a lifesaver. I went to her with various problems & I have had just three sessions, I cannot believe how just after one meeting with her, how amazing I felt. I came away feeling positive about the future once again. She knows exactly how to get to the root of the problem. Gives insightful advice and her treatments and healing are very effective. To add to that she is a wonderful person to be around. Do not hesitate to have a treatment, her results are outstanding!

I have seen Britta for an ongoing hip & shoulder problem and some anxiety issues and I can honestly say she has changed my life.  Her knowledge of the body is incredible and her healing abilities are amazing.  She is a lovely person who loves her job and I would definitely recommend seeing her.

I have a slowly degenerating neurological condition which affects my ability to control my legs. Until I consulted Britta, the muscles were knotted, I had little feeling in my legs, ankles and feet, and generally they felt as though they didn’t belong to me. Over the last 6 or so months she has worked hard at massaging them, restoring as much control as possible, and certainly restoring feeling and a sense that they belong to me again. I am hugely grateful to her for that.

To add to that, a fortnight ago I had a fall and broke a rib, bruised my back and all the rest of it. The usual treatment is a handful of paracetamol, grit your teeth, and don’t carry heavy weights for a bit; even so, it leaves you in quite some discomfort. Then Britta did her healing thing on me and the pain and discomfort disappeared overnight. I haven’t a clue what was going on, all I know is that I am without pain and discomfort.

If you have a chronic condition, let Britta have a go at you. She doesn’t claim that she’ll cure you, but I know from personal experience that she can make the body (and the mind, if appropriate) manage the problem a whole lot better. I am convinced she is one of those rare people with ‘healing hands’. I always come out of her treatment room feeling a great deal better than when I went in.

I have suffered from bad hay fever for most of my life. Then Britta suggested taking some special natural remedy pills and my hay fever has reduced to a fraction of what it was. What a relief! Thank you so much, Britta.

The benefits of an improved diet, cleansing my system and clearing and balancing my mind have vastly improved my wellbeing, health and outlook on life. I cannot thank Britta enough. I have finally found a professional who can give me what I need!!!

I was recommended to see Britta four months ago after I started to find my physical and emotional health needed some help. I felt like I was living my life surrounded by fog and in a lot of discomfort from a long standing shoulder injury which had received surgery twice to try and rectify the issue. I have been treated by Britta on five occasions now. At the outset we discussed what my issues were which was very revealing as at the time I didn’t know myself. Britta was very quickly able to identify how she could help to restore my physical and emotional wellbeing.

As a result of being treated by Britta I have no pain in my shoulder, massively more energy, have cleared the “fog” and feel as if my life is now running in the gear and the speed I want it to. Britta has given me the ability to see clearly and let go of past issues and to live my life as I want to; not as others may want me to. I now live my life with a huge smile on my face!

Britta is a marvel. As others have said, if you think Britta may be able to help you, contact her. You have nothing to lose but the possibility of gaining more than you could ever imagine.

When I saw Britta I was truly touched by an angel, words will never be able to explain what happened in our presence, but it was a very emotional moving experience that I did not expect, it has brought me such peace inside and out, I find it hard to believe what happened In just one session but there was such a connection. Truly incredible, Britta has an amazing talent, I feel very lucky to have met her, I know we will meet again. – Gerry Eleftheriades

I was recommended to Britta by a colleague, I had a long running Back problem(20 years) and had difficulties sleeping at nights, it only took two sessions to feel a difference and have a good nights sleep!

It was a genuine experience both physical and emotional, it seemed after the physical fix’s the energy healing kicked in, I name it being Micro waved, this gave me a wonderful feeling of well being and relaxation. I now have recommended Britta to several of my friends and they all have benefited from the introduction.
Mark Chatterton

The service Britta offers is second to none. I have been seeing Britta over a year now and she has cured my crippling anxiety that was causing me much unhappiness in my life. Britta has actively changed my life for the better. Helping me understand and resolve my problems on m any levels and has given me a much better quality of life. Making the decision to come and see her is one of the best things I have ever done. I would recommend the service to anyone.

Over 30 years ago I sustained a sports injury to my neck vertebrae and have been through many forms of treatment ever since in an effort to alleviate the pain. It had got to the stage where I had seen a surgeon, who carried out a scan and arranged for a major operation on my neck to be carried out. Just prior to that a friend of mine recommended that I should make an appointment with Britta, who offers a more holistic and less invasive form of treatment. At that point I was in great discomfort all the time and could not turn my neck to the right side or look upwards. This was 3 years ago and since then Britta has treated my neck on a regular basis, the pain has eased considerably and I have much greater mobility in my neck-most importantly I have not had to have the operation ! I believe that Britta’s treatment has made my life much more comfortable. I have been so pleased with the results that I have recommended other friends to Britta, who have required treatment and they all have been very satisfied with the help that she has given them.
Paul Osborne

Britta has been the only Psychic to tell me something about my father that made me feel there is another world and has comforted me with her words. Thank you

I have been seeing Britta for around 6 months now, and she is a truly wonderful and talented lady who I feel blessed to have met. After a troubling time Britta helped me feel more balanced, secure, and empowered to start turning my life around for myself. She has brought me so much peace and happiness within myself, I cannot describe how different I feel. I never thought it was possible to feel as happy and as unafraid and excited about the future as I do now. I see Britta now only when I feel I need a “top up” or an “MOT”, or because I just deserve a little extra time for me, and I look forward to our sessions so much. She always knows exactly what I need at that time, and I always feel comforted, assured, uplifted, relaxed and energized when I leave. Britta was recommended to me by a friend, who I saw great changes in having seen Britta, and I thank this friend so much for sharing Britta with me! I have in turn recommended Britta to so many of my friends, and I so love seeing other people benefit so much from her healing. If you are considering seeing Britta and you aren’t quite sure what for or what it is that’s wrong, don’t worry, Britta will help you figure it out. Equally, if you have something that is specifically troubling you, be that physical or emotional, I have every faith that Britta will be able to help you find the route of the problem and help heal you properly from the inside out.

If you aren’t quite sure you understand what all this stuff Britta does is about, then don’t worry about that either, the results speak for themselves, all you have to do is give it a go. Thank you so much Britta for setting me on my path, and I look forward to seeing you soon.