offer a variety of treatments. You can either choose one the treatments listed below on its own or enjoy a combination treatment which includes the Naturopath, Progressive Kinesiology and Energy healing treatment in one which is very popular and allows powerful healing shifts to occur.

After your initial consultation I will create an individual treatment plan for you.

If you wish to stay with a Progressive Kinesiology treatment I can focus on testing you for allergies as well as food testing.

The Energy Healing treatment includes Sound healing which is a powerful tool to remove old standing toxins from your mind and body. It is an amazing experience and ideal for any age.

Please read the treatment list below:

Frequency Shift Treatments

Frequency Shift Treatments are perfect for if you are considering a new direction in your life or you would like to make life changes without self-sabotage.

During my initial consultation I will gather your relevant history as well as performing a body/aura reading. Using this information I will design an individual treatment plan and perform your Frequency Shift Treatment.

This could include:

Energy Healing, Aromatherapy Oils, Crystal Healing, Deep Tissue Work, Kinesiology, Sound Healing, Affirmations and positive mind techniques/EFT, Remedy Support, Nutritional Advice, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Meridian Balancing, Reiki

Naturopath Treatment/ Progressive Kinesiology

Excellent for detecting and sorting all types of imbalances fast, may they be new or old patterns on any level! (please read description of what is Kinesiology)

Includes: clinical and emotional and family History of Client, First assessment and followed by a practical treatment.
Treatment consists of various techniques: Kinesiology, Counselling, Reiki, Healing, Energy Healing and intuitive interpretation of the client’s energy. All techniques will be decided exclusively, individually for each client, each time.



Deep Tissue Massage

Massage technique applied is Chinese (deep tissue) combined with European physio/anatomy ,which combined offers a very efficient way to remove chronic fibroid tissue patterns and all types of muscular and or rigid and stiff areas within the body, including arms, legs, knees, elbows.

The Massage is followed by Energy healing please read Quantum physic text which will add to a speedy recovery of any ailment, be it as a result of an old injury or a chronic imbalance anywhere on the body.

Back ache (chronic or recent) Joint pain Spinal curvature Hardened muscle tissues

Energy Healing

Treatment: Type Quantum physics and intention of therapist.

This brand new approach of Energy shifting – Healing covers any type of imbalance within the clients body offers excellent results, within a short period of time, in comparison with other healing therapies. Excellent for all types of spinal imbalances.

In addition this works on all levels: very calming and regenerating for the mentally drained and overactive modern mind and suffering the hidden effects of unhealthy levels of EMR (electronic-magnetic-radiation), coming from Computers, and in particular mobile phones and airplane flights.

Sound Healing

Healing with sound is not only one of the most ancient ways to connect and heal the body but it is also one of the most powerful ones.

Our body is a vessel resonating with a variety of frequencies and vibrations which can become very imbalanced through experiencing trauma in our life and repetitive negative thought conversations within our brain, which can result in ill health.

Sound healing works on the basis of entrainment. Healing with the frequency of sound is very effective and helpful to remove emotional blocks, physical tension, anxiety and depression. During a sound healing treatment the brain waves change into Alpha and Theta brainwaves, which only occur when we reach a deep state of meditation.

We are unable to create resistance to the language of sound therefore it has free access into the deepest cellular level to unfold its healing powers. It helps to release all that does not serve us.


Includes Body and Aura. Palmistry, cards, crystals and other objects are chosen individually with each client.

Intuitive readings

A reading can bring clarity where there is confusion or questions about where we are or where we need to go on our life’s journey, including possible changes on a professional or personal level.

If we are experiencing a difficult time in our personal life it can offer great support and enhance our awareness and understanding about the people that are close to us.

The intuitive readings offer precious moments of reconnecting us with our loved ones who are no longer on the earth plane and can bring much needed validation that we are not alone and that the bond of love continues even if we are separated on the physical level.

The reading can offer great support in our grieving process and can help us to move forward in our new life circumstances.

Aura Readings

Reading the Aura (Outer Energy reflection footprint of the individuals emotional and physical aspects).

This offers a very specified insight to the balance of emotion and physical well being of the client. By detecting so called Grey zones or dark patches or holes within the Aura field, which indicates Energy loss, it proves very helpful for restoring protection against all degenerative energy, including EMR (electronic-magnetic-radiation) mobile phones, pylons, computers, microwaves etc. If left untreated, can assist in pollution and disease to trespass and attack the individuals immune system and or leave the individual feeling constantly drained. All Aura defects found will find repair and healing in this session.

It is a must protection in these modern times that should be acknowledged.