Britta has produced a few videos to on meditation and techniques to support you in your journey around mindfulness. As a Naturopath and Kinesiologist, she understands how to communicate with our minds, bodies and consciousness.

Heart meditation

Science has validated that it is indeed our heart which responds before our brain does by sending unique signals to the brain. The heart is home to 40000 neurite cells which are in bedded into the walls of the heart. The neurite cells are a separate universe with the universe of our energy body.
Every emotional experience we encounter is recorded by our body and stored in anatomical sites if we fail to release the old and outworn.

Our Heart, being the most important organ in our body, needs to be balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. A lot of imbalances such as hardening of the arteries or heart diseases often result of having stored the emotional molecules such as resentment, anger, bitterness, a broken heart, grief, sorrow.

My heart meditation will help to release the “silent heart ache” and help you to gently reconnect with the love from within and around you. Regular meditation will help you to change your internal vibrational state.

Liver Meditation

The Liver is the biggest purification organ in our body and apart from helping to maintain a healthy metabolism, the Liver has a multitude of functions, one being our detox station.

It helps us to detoxify from pharmaceutical products and unhealthy foods and drink. The Liver also has to detox emotional molecules such as anger, anxiety, resentment, feelings of guilt and accumulated sadness.

One of the most depleting emotions for the Liver is anger and chronic state of feeling unhappy.

Practising regular meditation and mentally-emotionally cleansing the Liver will support your entire mind-body system and enhance the strength of your immune system.