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As I connect to the source or otherwise known as the vortex the energy field of the universe, I feel myself merge with the emotional body of my client and can see, sense or even hear fragments of their past,even unresolved past lives.

I tap into their soul energy with my right hand. It reminds me of the film I once saw called Avatar where the people used their tail to plug into the earth to be one with it and it’s words of wisdom.

Once the healing journey begins for my client, I use a variety of healing techniques, including specific breathing and connecting to the past. The emotional body uses these as a much needed valve to release and represses emotional molecules and fragments..

Frequency Shift Treatment

Animal Healing


Aura-Body Reading

Energy Healing

Sound Healing

Naturopath Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage

Everything is energy

Everything is energy. Our body is home and a vehicle for us to move around in the classroom of life. We are all on a limitless learning journey which depending on which level of vibration we are at-will often be experienced in painful and dramatic events and trauma which most of us experience in our lifetime.

Especially the age from 1 to 11 years of age is the scaffolding of our core belief system and what we consider our truth. As time passes by these belief system patterns develop in their complexity and manifest into energy blocks. These energy blocks created by emotional molecules can and will become stuck in our system. This can be on a physical or mental level…

If we become stuck in negative cellular patterns we can only attract the same back into our lives. Our body can not hear the words we say to ourselves but it can hear its vibration. The Universe mirrors this vibration. it can not hear the words either. That is why when we use positive Affirmations it is not the words of the used affirmation that brings the change but the vibration of these affirmations.

A Few Words from our Clients

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for over 30 years.I tried various pharmaceutical drugs and herbal supplements in an attempt to help reduce my anxiety. Nothing seemed to help me and my symptoms got worse and worse until someone recommended Britta to me. I received Sound healing and after the initial session, I felt different immediately. My senses are enhanced, my mind feels calm and I am happy. For me, an absolute game changer and a “must “ for everyone out there who suffers from depression or anxiety.

Simon Q 
Simon Q

I had been suffering from vertigo since 2003 when I was struck over the head with a baseball bat. Around October, a friend, who is a GP, gave me Britta’s telephone number with the comment that conventional medicine does not always have all the answers.” I was advised to go with an open mind. After two visits my vertigo had very much improved and after two further sessions, it disappeared.


I have suffered with bad hay fever for most of my life.Then Britta recommended a natural remedy pills and my hay fever symptoms have reduced to a fraction of what they were.What a relief!Thank you so much, Britta.


I have seen Britta for an ongoing hip and shoulder problem and some anxiety issues and I can honestly say that she has changed my life. Her knowledge of the body is incredible and her healing abilities are amazing. She is a lovely person who loves her profession and I would definitely recommend seeing her.


I suffered with chronic headaches and had tried all types of treatments but nothing had helped me.
Britta was recommended to me by my daughter and after only one session my headaches have disappeared to this day. I can not recommend her highly enough.


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