Welcome to my website, my name is Britta. You may be finding that conventional medicine or other therapies are not helping you or your loved one ‘or’ you may be deciding that you want a new approach towards healing your body and mind.

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The Key to Loving Yourself by Britta Hochkeppel

is a holistic self help book aimed at those people who are seeking an understanding of how they can improve their quality of life. It takes the reader on a journey and opens the door to a greater understanding of the mind, body and spiritual aspects of loving yourself.

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Aura Oracle Healing Cards

Hochkeppel is a born Intuitive, diploma Naturopath/Kinesiologist and Energy-Healer with over 25 years of experience; an Artist and Author.

Her unique blend of medical knowledge with the gift to see and connect with the energy of the aura/body enables Britta to find the very root cause of long standing problems.

Britta describes herself as a channel, both as a healer and artist.The channeled Aura-Healing cards offer valuable insight into our “true colours”and support us on our life’s journey, by learning to improve the relationship with ourselves and learn which steps we need to take to raise our internal vibration.

Everything is made up of energy and so are we.

Our body is the vessel, which holds our energy imprint.It is an amazing network of vibrating energy ,created by our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Every thought has a signature vibration, which emanates beyond the physical body as a frequency, expressed with a colour.

It is these colours which become visible to those who are with sight,(ability to see energy).

The Aura is made up of several layers and it is the emotional-mental layer around the physical body which is visible to Britta.

The Chakras

Within each of these subtle bodies are eight main centres of energy which are closely aligned in anatomical terms, from the head, the Crown-Chakra down the spinal cord, the Root Chakra.

The energy within the Chakras moves in a spiral fashion, spinning and emanating their signature colours, depending on the quality of our thoughts, emotions,and physical vitality.

When everything can flow freely all the Chakras function in perfect coherence with our mind and body.The size, vibrancy and depth of their colours give insight to the level of our consciousness and mental-emotional balance.

The Auric field offers valuable insight into our hidden potentials, suppressed emotions and aspects we need to pay attention to.

We can discover which aspects and lessons are about to enter our reality and which elements we need to release.

We can learn so much about ourselves and my Aura-reading cards will help you discover new aspects about yourself and support you to attract a positive future into your life.

To purchase the Aura Oracle Healing cards, please email Britta at britta@vitaserena.co.uk or text her on 07900211088