Aura-Body Reading

What is an Aura…

In Latin and Ancient Greek, aura means wind, breeze or breath.It was used in Middle English to mean “gentle breeze “.

By the end of the 19th century, the word was used in some spiritualist circles to describe a speculated subtle emanation around the body.

What is an Electromagnetic Field…

An Aura is described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with their energy. It can be *seen* by certain people, like myself , but it can be *felt* by everyone, even if only picked up on subconsciously.

We all know what it feels like to share the space with someone who has a negative or draining Aura in comparison with someone who has a bright Auric field. Every living thing, plants, animals and even stones give off a vibrating frequency of light.

No two Auras are the same, as we are constantly shifting our vibrations due to changes in our thought patterns. Every thought has a signature vibration that emanates beyond the physical body as a frequency.

The colours emanate beyond the physical body as a result of multiple frequencies, generated by: thoughts, emotions, beliefs, subtle energy centres called Chakras, meridians, the frequency created by the organs and the overall physical vitality. When we are upbeat and happy, our aura naturally expands, radiating outwards.

The 7 Layers…

There are additional Chakras but the 7 Layers are the most common that energetic practitioners connect to.

Etheric Layer

The Etheric layer is the closest to the body, approximately one to two inches away from the physical body and is connected to the Base-Chakra.

The Emotional Layer

This layer extends between one to three inches.It holds all our emotions, feelings.This is the layer that is visible to me and is connected to the Sacral-Chakra.

The Mental Layer

This layer sits directly outside the emotional layer, extending three to eight inches from the physio body.This layer is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, and contains all our mental thought processes.

Astral Layer

This layer can extend out to about one foot.It is the bridge between the lower vibrations of the physical plane, and the higher vibrations of the spiritual.It is also connected to the Heart-Chakra.

The Etheric Template

This layer extends out about two feet and is connected to the Throat Chakra.This layer represents the blueprint of the physical body and looks much like the negative of a photograph.

The Celestial/Causal Layer

Is layer can extend up to two and a half feet and is connected to the 3rd Eye Chakra.This is where your spiritual connection begins and the process of enlightening.

The Spiritual Layer

This Layer can extend for up to three feet.Connected to the Crown- Chakra and protects all the other layers.It vibrates at the highest frequency and is often seen as a brilliant white or golden light.

To understand if an Aura Reading is right for you arrange a private consultation now

learning to understand more about your own Aura gives you valuable insights into your hidden potentials, suppressed emotions and lessons you need to be made aware of to ensure the best results for your spiritual growth.

Can The Aura Be Photographed…

Yes, the technique used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharge, the emanating colours of the aura is called, Kirlian photography. The camera uses hand sensors that pick up this energy field and a proprietary algorithm matches this energy to a colour.

As a born Intuitive, I have seen Auras for many years. I can see and connect with your Auric layers.The Aura Reading is helpful for:


  • reducing anxiety
  • calming the mind
  • resolving emotional dissonance
  • offering guidance
  • stimulate inspiration

How Does An Aura Reading Work?

The client can sit or lie down for the reading. The energetic practitioner will begin to tune into the frequencies and “energetic signals” and interpret his/her findings.

I prefer to begin the reading with  my client seated.After the initial assessment I will ask my client to lie down during the rest of the reading.Once the client lays down comfortably on the therapy bed , I place my right hand onto the body of the client.

My right hand functions like an energetic scanner and I receive floods of information. I can hear, see and sense energy, which means that I receive images, hear spoken words and can hear the emotional layer of my client communicate with aspects of my consciousness.

The energetic information flows very quickly through my mind and I interpret everything as I receive it. The reading can include information of past events that may have contributed in manifesting trauma or other issues, and areas of the body that require attention or balancing.

I will also interpret the meaning of the colours that emanate beyond the physical body  and every colour means something different.

While there are different layers and colours to each person’s aura that all mean different things, every person likely has one predominant colour, which I call the “core colour”.In my interpretation, it is the Soul-colour, an energetic expression of the core aspects of the person, what we are made up of energetically. Sometimes I can see tears or holes in the aura. If this is the case I will smooth out any imbalances and close off any tears or holes.

My readings offer a great insight for my client and very often loved ones who are no longer on the earth plane, connect during my readings and want to offer words of advice or validate their presence.

My readings have given hundreds of people new found peace, clarity and the ability to move forward free from old and outworn thought patterns.

A Few Words from our Clients

I have had the ,last amazing results from my reading with Britta, she not only connected with my grandmother, describing her perfectly. It was so much more then a reading.Britta gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and your past.Her gentle way of communicating is very relaxing and I felt safe and protected the entire time.

Libby Stevenson 
Libby Stevenson

Britta’s Reading was so accurate.I had never met her before but she was right about everything and in aspects that only I would know.She has enabled me to recover from post traumatic stress , loss and grief. She was brilliant.A profound gift that should not be underestimated.


Britta is absolutely fantastic. She has given me so much insight and validation of the existence of my deceased husband in the most wonderful way.Thank you so very much.


The Bottom Line

Many spiritual advisers, energy practitioners and others who work with aural health believe that the physical body is closely connected to the emotional and spiritual bodies. Understanding and being aware of your own aura will help your overall health and teach you how to balance and revitalise mind and body.

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