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The Youth Code Online Workshop

22nd November at 3pm GMT

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that I am hosting an introductory workshop on the incredible benefits of enhancing self-awareness and my unique approach to anti-aging using the revolutionary YOUTH CODE concept.

In addition to my extensive 25-year journey as a Naturopath, I’ve recently received recognition for my self-help book, “The Key to Loving Yourself,” and was honoured as the best Practitioner in the field.

My newest book “The Youth Code” offers insights and guidance regarding beauty, manifesting internal youth and programming the body and cellular system with a higher vibration.

The Youth Code can help with:

Enhanced awareness

Body awareness

Facial awareness

Relieve anxiety, stress and negative belief systems

Understand mind/body connection

Improve self-esteem by learning to use the power of the internal dialogue

Learn the benefits of guided meditation

The session will include facial muscle-fascia release and a guided beauty meditation focused on the face and time for questions and reflection.

The Youth Code is a brand new beauty anti-aging concept and extremely popular.

By applying the Youth Code on a regular basis, your face will open up.

You will feel more confident

Your smile will be more open

Your skin glow

You begin to rejuvenate on the cellular level.

Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Come on a journey with us and turn back time.

Move from pain to peace


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