Animal Healing

Animal Healing Therapy…

Animal healing is a non-invasive complementary therapy, suitable for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions.

Healing does not provide a diagnosis and veterinary diagnosis and treatment blends well with animal healing. Animal healing is beneficial for all chronic and acute conditions, injuries and illnesses, and works very well in resolving behavioural problems when used in conjunction with re-training.

Animal healing is not a substitute for veterinary care.

What is Animal Healing…

An animal’s body is made up of tiny atoms vibrating at specific frequencies , just like us humans do. The body has an innate knowledge of the frequency of these vibrations for the maintenance of its health.

When an animal is injured or diseased, the effects of domestication and environmental stress often prevent animals from utilising their own healing potential.

In addition to this, animals are extremely intuitive and seem to absorb a lot of the emotions and energy from their owners, as well as the environmental stress caused by harmful electromagnetic radiation.

When this happens, the “trauma” from the illness, injury or stress becomes stored within the body as an energetic blockage, and the healthy flow of energy becomes disrupted, preventing it returning to its balanced healthy status. In some cases, repeated trauma can lead to chronic disease and a lack of wellbeing.

How Does Animal Healing Work…

Animals are built the same as humans with blood, flesh, bones, meridians, emotions, feelings and energy centres. When I offer healing energy to the animal, it enables the body to raise and rebalance its frequencies and this increases its natural energy resources.

Healing allows the trauma to disperse, and can assist in speeding up the recovery from illness, wounds, operation sites, saving times and money and most importantly ease the discomfort for the animal.

My animal healing is particularly useful for animals that suffer as a result of past trauma, such as:rescue dogs that suffered emotional and physical abuse by previous owners or other distressing conditions.

During my healing the animal may go into a deep state of relaxation,or present signs of excessive yawning or twitching of the limbs. This is a lovely validation that the healing is taking full effect.

Animal healing can help with conditions such as:


resolving physical pain/trauma


resolving emotional trauma


soothing arthritic conditions


balancing behavioural problems


supporting post operative recovery


supportive alongside veterinary treatment


supportive alongside physio therapy

To understand if animal healing is right for your animal arrange a private consultation now

In my experience over 26 years as an Energy Healer, I found that my type of healing also provides great support for animals in need of releasing emotional trauma that can be caused by fear, anxiety, stress or separation. Despite the adaptability of many of our domesticated dogs, cats etc, a lot of them are unable to release the emotions caused by a stressful event. For example, in a situation, in the wild, if the flight r fight response is triggered by another animal, once the the threat has subsided, the animal can retreat into the safety of its pack or herd or cave, where it can safely disperse the Adrenalin and Cortisol from its bloodstream.

Our domesticated animals cannot behave in their natural way,because we restrict them and so they often compensate by absorbing the stress within their bodies.
Over time, unresolved stress can lead to behavioural difficulties, such as nervousness, aggression, over-excitability,defensiveness and withdrawal. My healing allows the animal to let go of unresolved stress, and return to a balanced state.

How Do Animals React To Healing?

Most animals go into a state of deep relaxation and fall asleep.Some may be yawning, twitching and stretching as mentioned earlier. It is not uncommon for them to move around and some will even appear restless. After my healing the animal may drink more water, and need prolonged sleep.

As blockages release, symptoms can sometimes become more pronounced before they start to improve. They may also require a bit of alone time for a few days after the healing. It is advisable that the owners trust this process and avoid stressful or unnecessary excitement.

Surrogate Animal Healing

For Surrogate Animal Healing, I require a sample of hair from the animal that requires healing. The owner will then visit me in my healing practice. Using the hair sample which I then place onto the body of the owner, I can begin to perform physical healing for the animal, using the body of its owner. I have found this treatment method very effective especially for horses, dogs and cats.

The beauty working as an Energy Healer is that there are no boundaries and the healing is instant. Depending on the intensity of the problem it may take several attempts until the animal experiences a healing shift, however one session is better than leaving it suffering.

Distant Animal Healing

For distant healing, owners send me photos of their animals, such as horses, dogs, cats, and this can sometimes include a hair sample, so I can connect with their animal by sending vibrational energy over any distance.

I do not necessarily need to meet the animals and have found distance healing to be very effective and fast, in many cases.

Remedy Support

Animals that suffer with emotional, behavioural problems can also really benefit when given support using remedies.

Using the hair sample, I can tap into the emotional, physical imbalances by testing using Kinesiology in combination with my ability to tune into the energy of the animal. The dose and frequency of application is also tested individually.

The remedy offers amazing support in the healing process and all animals that I have Treated responded within 2 to 3 days and some after only hours of administration.

How Many Sessions would an Animal Require?

It all depends on the severity of the issue. Deep-seated issues like fear or animals who have suffered abuse can take a number of sessions but I never dictate a client. My Healing can also be useful on a regular basis to prevent future health problems and keep an animals or person’s energy balanced.

A Few Words from our Clients

The daughter of my mother’s friends had a dog who had a nasty fall that left him paralysed.X rays did not confirm a serious injury and the vets were unable to help. I drove to the owners house and her older dog Barney, a cross breed lurcher was lying on the floor on his blanket, very poorly, unable to move. I started with the healing. After one hour Barney rolled onto his back to the amazement of the owner. I decided to continue to give healing for one hours the next day and the following two days.Each time Barney improved incredibly. After only 4 healing sessions Barney was able to walk again.I was lucky to film this healing miracle. Britta saved my dog and words can not express how grateful I and my sons are to her.


Ada, a beautiful Australian Labradoodle, who suffered with a high grade of mastitis after feeding her hungry litter of 7. One area was particularly inflamed and one nipple inverted leaving her very sore. After initial nervousness Ada relaxed into the energy healing.After 30 minutes the wound began to flatten and the colouring reduced to a healthy pink.If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. The next day the inflammation was reduced to 20%.What an amazing recovery, unbelievable.I would highly recommend Britta to anyone.


My dog Harry, an older Colly, has been suffering with pain in his back legs and lower back due to old age arthritis. During his healing treatment, Harry falls asleep and stretches and yawns a lot. Harry has improved a lot and I am going to return for a boost of regular healing treatments. Highly recommended.


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