Meet Britta…

Whatever your current dilemma ‘change’ is possible.

During your consultation, I will carefully provide you with a unique variety of holistic balancing treatments to get to the ‘root’ cause of your condition.

It is understood that many illnesses stem from trauma-related events in one’s past. This experience can manifest itself in varied types of illness or disease.

Together we will explore the ‘root cause’ and prepare your body and mind to heal from the deepest level.

Through experiencing a number of traumas and illnesses during my childhood, I found very quickly that the mainstream western approach to medicine did not satisfy nor offer a true healing for me. I was led onto the journey into the field of holistic medicine which I became fascinated with and realised very soon that this was no coincidence and it became my life’s purpose.

A wealth of healing experience…

I am originally from Germany and was fortunate to study holistic medicine for many years before bringing my gifted talent and skills to England.

I am a qualified diploma Naturopath. I graduated in 1997 in Germany. I also hold a diploma in Progressive Kinesiology and I am a Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Energy Healer.

This unique blend of naturopathy, kinesiology, healing and intuitive skills enable me to find the very root cause of long-standing problems, imbalances and illness. In order to heal I need to access the trigger source of the imbalance.

Being a born intuitive I have been very fortunate to channel my gift in the UK. In 2009 I attended a college for Metaphysics and enhanced my skills. This allowed me to refine my talent in greater depth to give readings for guidance and support.

I offer aura, body readings that can give immeasurable comfort and healing.

Naturopath doctors (N.D.s) are conventionally trained in subjects such as anatomy, physiology, counselling, dietary evaluations, nutrition, herbology, acupressure, muscle relaxation structural normalisation and homoeopathy.

A Few Words from our Clients

I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for over 30 years.I tried various pharmaceutical drugs and herbal supplements in an attempt to help reduce my anxiety. Nothing seemed to help me and my symptoms got worse and worse until someone recommended Britta to me. I received Sound healing and after the initial session, I felt different immediately. My senses are enhanced, my mind feels calm and I am happy. For me, an absolute game changer and a “must “ for everyone out there who suffers from depression or anxiety.

Simon Q 
Simon Q

I had been suffering from vertigo since 2003 when I was struck over the head with a baseball bat. Around October, a friend, who is a GP, gave me Britta’s telephone number with the comment that conventional medicine does not always have all the answers.” I was advised to go with an open mind. After two visits my vertigo had very much improved and after two further sessions, it disappeared.


I have suffered with bad hay fever for most of my life.Then Britta recommended a natural remedy pills and my hay fever symptoms have reduced to a fraction of what they were.What a relief!Thank you so much, Britta.


I have seen Britta for an ongoing hip and shoulder problem and some anxiety issues and I can honestly say that she has changed my life. Her knowledge of the body is incredible and her healing abilities are amazing. She is a lovely person who loves her profession and I would definitely recommend seeing her.


I suffered with chronic headaches and had tried all types of treatments but nothing had helped me.
Britta was recommended to me by my daughter and after only one session my headaches have disappeared to this day. I can not recommend her highly enough.


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