Britta’s Reading was so accurate.I had never met her before but she was right about everything and in aspects that only I would know.She has enabled me to recover from post traumatic stress , loss and grief. She was brilliant.A profound gift that should not be underestimated.


Britta is absolutely fantastic. She has given me so much insight and validation of the existence of my deceased husband in the most wonderful way.Thank you so very much.


The daughter of my mother’s friends had a dog who had a nasty fall that left him paralysed.X rays did not confirm a serious injury and the vets were unable to help. I drove to the owners house and her older dog Barney, a cross breed lurcher was lying on the floor on his blanket, very poorly, unable to move. I started with the healing. After one hour Barney rolled onto his back to the amazement of the owner. I decided to continue to give healing for one hours the next day and the following two days.Each time Barney improved incredibly. After only 4 healing sessions Barney was able to walk again.I was lucky to film this healing miracle. Britta saved my dog and words can not express how grateful I and my sons are to her.


Ada, a beautiful Australian Labradoodle, who suffered with a high grade of mastitis after feeding her hungry litter of 7. One area was particularly inflamed and one nipple inverted leaving her very sore. After initial nervousness Ada relaxed into the energy healing.After 30 minutes the wound began to flatten and the colouring reduced to a healthy pink.If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. The next day the inflammation was reduced to 20%.What an amazing recovery, unbelievable.I would highly recommend Britta to anyone.


My dog Harry, an older Colly, has been suffering with pain in his back legs and lower back due to old age arthritis. During his healing treatment, Harry falls asleep and stretches and yawns a lot. Harry has improved a lot and I am going to return for a boost of regular healing treatments. Highly recommended.


A month ago I was introduced to Britta, a friend who for several years has had a chronic and painful foot condition. She sought advice from several specialists who have been unable to effect a cure. After 2visits my friend is almost walking normal and is free from pain. If I had not witnessed the “before” and “after “, it would have been difficult to believe.


Britta is simply amazing. I can not recommend her enough. I have suffered with PTSD for 6 years after going through one of the biggest legal trials. I have seen everyone from private doctors to councillors to CBT specialists and nothing helped until I went to see Britta. I had five sessions with her and I am a completely changed person. I am the person I once was before I became ill and lost along the way. I can now enjoy sitting next to my children in their own home or sitting next to someone on the train or being hugged by a friend, just simp,e day to day behaviour that had been taken away from me. All I can say is: Britta thank you one billion times over.

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A Few Words from our Clients

Britta has helped me, friends and family over many years with her extraordinary ability to understand the core body/mind/spiritual need and provide healing. My ten year old son, Sebastian, has been suffering with anxiety symptoms relating to a number of deeply traumatic experiences. Since speaking out about these sad events Seb has been waking up complaining of sickness, reflux, headaches, blurry vision, nightmares and has been very low in mood. When the trauma memory is intensified through a trigger the fear engulfs him and he has collapsed and had regular days off school due to exhaustion. I am trying to support him in several ways and booked Britta in for a video session, hoping her abilities might help. It was hard for me to explain to Seb what the session might entail, so I told him to relax and be open.

Britta had a chat with Seb about the physical and emotional implications of the things he had experienced; he trusted her straight away. Britta used her Trauma-Erase-Colour-Technique, allowing Seb to identify the trauma in his body with colour, associate it to a memory then breathe out and cleanse that memory. He replaced it with a manifestation of his favourite superhero, a strong, positive male character who stood by his side in that memory moment. The simplicity of the process was extraordinary and the efficacy is unveiling itself on a daily basis. Britta was very warm and welcoming to Seb, she used easy to understand language and my son picked things up immediately, relaxing into the exercise and deeply connecting to the technique. He was extremely tired for about 48 hours afterwards, on the second day needed rest in bed as his body was ‘shedding’. Several days later he has remarkably not mentioned stomach or head pains, is sleeping through the night and describes himself as ‘lighter’. He is more playful and child-like then I have seen in years. During the session I could feel the change as restlessness in his physical body seemed to ease. I could literally feel his body letting go and his mind finding ‘peace’ – the word he used afterwards. His face at the end was calm and rested. I felt confident that Britta would be able to offer some healing for Seb, but the effect has been beautiful and joyous to watch. The pain associated to those worst memories have lost their power and the image he is left with is of his strength and resilience as that person who hurt him cannot hurt him anymore. I thank Britta from the bottom of my heart.


I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for over 30 years.I tried various pharmaceutical drugs and herbal supplements in an attempt to help reduce my anxiety. Nothing seemed to help me and my symptoms got worse and worse until someone recommended Britta to me. I received Sound healing and after the initial session, I felt different immediately. My senses are enhanced, my mind feels calm and I am happy. For me, an absolute game changer and a “must “ for everyone out there who suffers from depression or anxiety.

Simon Q 
Simon Q

I had been suffering from vertigo since 2003 when I was struck over the head with a baseball bat. Around October, a friend, who is a GP, gave me Britta’s telephone number with the comment that conventional medicine does not always have all the answers.” I was advised to go with an open mind. After two visits my vertigo had very much improved and after two further sessions, it disappeared.


I have suffered with bad hay fever for most of my life.Then Britta recommended a natural remedy pills and my hay fever symptoms have reduced to a fraction of what they were.What a relief!Thank you so much, Britta.


I have seen Britta for an ongoing hip and shoulder problem and some anxiety issues and I can honestly say that she has changed my life. Her knowledge of the body is incredible and her healing abilities are amazing. She is a lovely person who loves her profession and I would definitely recommend seeing her.


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