A friend recommended Britta to me and I could not be more grateful for such a brilliant recommendation.
Britta truly is a life saver. I went to her with various problems and have had just 3 sessions and can not believe the difference this has made. Her healing technique allows her to go to the root of the problem and she gave me insightful advice. I can enjoy life again and feel positive about myself and the future.


It was very intense and very instant. The relief and the feeling of being lifted from within. The pain in my arms and legs disappeared and the grey clouds of sadness and grief lifted too. By the time I got home, I felt so different inside and I still do. From the inside, I feel so much better and lighter, free from the constant pain in my arms and legs that was getting worse by the day. The person I was prior to this treatment and after just one energy healing is quite simply extraordinary and I would recommend this to anyone.


I suffer with a chronic low back pain and neck pain as a result of working at my desk in a seated position. Since my deep tissue massage, I have regained much more flexibility and no longer suffer with headaches. Britta also gave me various exercises and stretches to do on a daily basis which has helped tremendously. Highly recommended.

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